Due to significant price increases of at least 10-20% on many parts in recent weeks we have decided to disable the shopping facility of our website for a short period to give us time for a full review of prices.

Prices charged to us by our suppliers for a wide range of products are increasing on a weekly basis and it has been very difficult to keep up with the price increases on the hundreds of products we sell on the website. As a result we have been caught out many times selling parts to our customers for well below the new recommended retail rates and often losing money on parts orders. This is great for our customers but not great for our business. We have been informed by our suppliers that these price increases are due to the falling AUD$ compared to US$ and the Euro. 

We have always tried to keep our prices as competetive as possible and will continue to sell parts for the lowest prices we can, however we cant absorb some of the large increases we have experienced recently. 

In the mean time you can still order all the parts listed on the website by phoning the workshop on (03) 5623 1298 and obtaining an up to date price. 

Thanks for your understanding!


Two Stroke Performance offers servicing, parts and performance engine tuning for two-stroke engines.

Our unique service offers you a level of craftsmanship and knowledge not available in normal workshops and we have the the technical background and experience to get the most out of your engine. Using advanced two stroke tuning software combined with purpose built CNC machinery we can plan, design and build you an engine to get you on the podium or give you bragging rights over your mates on the trail.

All of our work is based on tried and tested skills combined with modern tuning theories utlised in some of the best GP engines. We pride ourselves on offering a range of realistic tuning options from mild to wild to suit any performance level.

With our own test tracks in the hills of Gippsland, about an hour from Melbourne, we are able to test and refine all of our offroad performance setups. Having access to some of the toughest, steepest tracks around means that we can set up your bike to handle the worst conditions you will find on the track or trail.

If you want more power but are not sure what your bike needs then call or email and we will design a custom package based on your riding style, skill level and budget.

You can either send the parts that need to be modified, or if you’re not confident stripping the engine down, send the complete engine – or even the entire bike.