Workshop Services



Servicing, Rebuilds and Performance Modification

Our workshop specialises in servicing and building high performance two stroke offroad and MX engines. We offer a level of attention to detail and knowledge of two stroke engines that is superior to most other workshops. We have experience in building everything from super reliable trail machines through to high performance race engines.

Our workshop offers the following services…

– Top end rebuilds
– Bottom end rebuilds
– Crank rebuilds
– Cylinder Porting
– Cylinder Head design
– Powervalve service and modification
– Custom Engine Design including big bore, stroker, long rod conversions
– Ignitions
– Custom Part Design and Modification

General labour charge for these services                    $110/hr

Dyno Tuning



We have a custom built sound proof, fully vented dyno room on-site in our workshop and have vast experience in testing and tuning two stroke offroad and MX engines. Dyno tuning a two stroke engine is VERY different to tuning a four stroke and the dyno operator must have significant experience in order to safely get the most from the engine. Our Australian made low inertia DynoTech eddy current dyno is state of the art and setup specifically for two stroke engines and we have a large database of results from various stock and modifed engines. During an average dyno session we can tune jetting, powervalve and ignition with great results.

Our dyno setup can monitor the following engine data…

– Speed
– O2 sensor (air/fuel ratio)
– Detonation sensor
– Intake Air pressure
– Ambient Air pressure
– Intake temp
– Ambient temp
– Coolant temp
– Exhaust Gas temp


For more information and prices click link here Mods Explained