Booking your job

Booking your job or sending your work to TSP

Thank you for choosing Two Stroke Performance for your engine and modification work.

All jobs being sent to the workshop require a completed work order form to be included with the parcel. Most jobs will need pre-booking via phone or email, especially if you have race or ride timelines we need to meet. If you’d like to book your job in, please call the workshop on (03) 5623 1298 or email us at

The following jobs do not require a pre-booking unless you have strict timelines we need to meet – you can send or drop them into us at anytime:

  • Head set up
  • Carb oval bore
  • Crank rebuild
  • Ignition mod
  • Parts purchases

Once we determine a time frame for your job, please either:

  1. Drop your bike off at a designated time agreed with TSP OR
  2. Wrap your parts carefully and put in a secure box. If you are posting a full engine, we suggest packing it in an esky or crate that we can reuse for the return trip. We will not be held responsible for insufficient packing or unsturdy crates.
  3. Fill out and print off our work order form found on our website
  4. If you are sending your cylinder head or cylinder for advanced porting, please remember to measure your squish clearance using our Measuring Squish Clearance Instructions and send the solder in with your parts.
  5. Complete the work order form and place in your box or crate and deliver to 17/11 Pearse Street, Warragul VIC 3820. Be sure to include a mobile number with your order.
  6. You will receive a text message from ‘TSP’ when we receive your parcel, letting you know it has arrived and when the job is due to be started.
  7. We will then get in touch with you when the job is complete.
  8. Jobs must be paid for in full before they leave the workshop.
  9. We will text you with a tracking number once the job leaves the workshop. We use Toll Overnight Priority for all orders, unless specified.