Mods Explained

This is a list of some of the common mods we do and their usual prices. Not all of these mods are suitable for all makes and models.

Individual Options Benefits Cost
Head Setup Most stock heads have a poor design and very large squish clearance. We setup your head for correct squish clearance and compression for our fuels. Can be tailored to your needs… improves bottom end, midrange and top end, dramatically reduces risk of detonation, stabilises jetting, can improve fuel economy. Involves checking volume, design new profile on computer, machine on lathe or CNC mill, polish and check final volume. This mod is the first thing you should do if you want more from your engine and is easily the best bang for your buck mod for most two strokes. $250
Carb Bore Retains the great throttle response of a small carb but lets the engine breathe much better when the throttle is really opened up. Your carb is stripped, machined on our CNC mill, blended and polished by hand and then rebuilt. 36/39mm and 38/39.5mm are the most popular sizes. Most noticeable in the upper midrange and top end. A great cost effective mod. $275
Cylinder Base Machining This simple mod gives more bottom end and midrange when done on its own. It can be combined with head mods to fill out the power curve even more and maintain the stock top end delivery. Price does not include powervalve strip, clean and rebuild. Another great, cost effective mod if you’re on a tight budget (most bikes MUST also have the head setup). $Labour per hour
Powervalve strip, clean and rebuild This is an essential part of modern two stroke maintenance. We remove, clean and bead blast all powervalve components, lube, rebuild, set correct timing and reseal the housing (if applicable). Price does not include gaskets, o-rings and any parts that need replacing. $ Labour per hour
Standard Cylinder Porting NO LONGER AVAILABLE… If you want extra mid/top power choose Advanced Cylinder Porting
Advanced Cylinder Porting Involves a computer redesign of the port timings and port widths. It can also involve the reshaping or machining of the powervalve. This porting can result in serious gains throughout the rev range or in the specific area you choose. It does not include powervalve strip, clean and rebuild. Only available for certain models. $400 per cylinder
KTM ignition mod This simple, cost effective mod gives your electric start KTM EXC model much better throttle response and more power throughout the rev range. This final result is similar to fitting an SX ignition but this mod is completely reversible and is a fraction of the cost of the SX CDI. Must be combined with head mods in order to maintain reliability.Up to 2016 models: SEND US THE IGNITION COVER2017 models: SEND US THE IGNITION PICKUP ONLY


Big Bore kits We offer big bore top end kits for many 125 and 250cc MX and offroad bikes. These cost effective kits include a bored, ported and plated cylinder, new piston and rings, top end gaskets, powervalve machining and cylinder head machined to suit your requirements. Search our shop for options for your model. $1400 – $1600
For most models
Crank Rebuild Strip, rebuild and true your crank. Price does not include parts. $155
For single cylinder cranks
Crank Balance Factor Change the crank balance factor for a given piston weight. $250
Plus the cost of a crank rebuild
Crank Stroking Strip, rebuild and change pin position for a new stroke. $POA
Crank Long Rod Conversion Strip, rebuild and true your crank using a longer rod than stock. Givens more torque and better piston wear, especially in stroker engines. Price does not include parts. Requies a CNC machined spacer plate to be installed under the cylinder to correct port timings. $155
Plus the cost of new rod kit
Cylinder Brush Hone Suitable for glazed cylinders, does not resize cylinder. We can advise if this is suitable for your cylinder $20
Per cylinder
Cylinder Bore and Hone Applicable to steel lined cylinders. Bore to new size using high end CNC equipment then diamond hone to final size. Does not include powervalve strip, clean, rebuild. $150
V Force Reedcage To put it simply the V Force reedcage flows better than anything else out there and is capable of more power. On most bikes you will experience better throttle response and a better spread of power. If you are chasing more mid range or top end its pretty much a must have. From
Dyno Tuning Dyno tuning can make or break a good engine build… we use our state of the art eddy current dyno to tune your jetting, ignition and powervalve to get maximum performance from your engine. Aside from giving you the peace of mind that your jetting is where it should be, we can also unlock a huge amount of hidden power by finding that sweet spot where your engine really sings. We cant stress enough how important it is to properly tune a high performance engine! $380
First 3 hours

Per extra hour
or part thereof 
Specialist Labour We call this ‘specialist’ labour because all we do is build two strokes! That means we know exactly what to look out for, what to measure and what to check. We don’t cut any corners and every top end build is done to the highest level. $120/hr