These pages contain FREE setup tips on each of the main makes/models that we work on.

The info here is THE SAME as the info you would get if you called the workshop, so PLEASE read these pages thoroughly first before calling… if you can help us cut down on the time we spend on the phone (and therefore not getting work done!) we will appreciate it.

In order to access this information all you need to do is Register and then Log In… click MY ACCOUNT in the top right corner to Register. Once you are logged in the pages will be visible.

If you do not see your make/model listed in these pages then it means we don’t have any meaningful info on your bike at this time and may not be able to help you (sorry).


The tips we offer in these pages will be added to regularly and include:

  1. suggested jetting specs
  2. suggested rebuild intervals
  3. things to watch out for with each model
  4. tips on how to get the best performance from your engine
  5. tips on how to rebuild the engine yourself

This info is hugely valuable to most riders and shops and we are giving it away for FREE!

WHY do we give this info away??? Basically, there are only so many hours in each day and only so many days in each week and we just cant keep up with the phone calls and enquiries we get in the workshop… we literally get hundreds of phone calls per week asking the same questions over and over and it takes up way too much time for us to answer these enquiries. Ultimately this means big delays in getting work out the door and frustrated customers. By giving you this info for free we will enable you to make better decisions about what parts or mods your bike needs and hopefully help you to get it back up and running quicker.

Please take the time to read the info in these pages as it will probably answer 99% of your questions… if you still need more info then please call or email the workshop and we will be happy to help.