Head Only Setups


Our Head Only setups involve designing and machining the correct head profile for your riding style, location and needs. Sometimes this is all you need to turn your bike into a weapon (or a tractor, depending on your needs). One thing is for certain though, setting up the head correctly is a MUST HAVE mod for any two stroke. It is easily the best bang for your buck mod and will make a very noticeable difference to almost any current model bike. The benefits can include more stable jetting, much better detonation resistance, better fuel economy and more power (usually felt most in the bottom end and midrange but we can aim for more top end on many bikes). Our Head Only setups have been used by everyone from average-joe trailriders through to National and World Champs. Don’t be fooled by many aftermarket bolt on heads that still have too large squish clearance, the wrong compression ratio for our fuels and usually cost more than having your own head setup correctly.


Head Only ModsDescriptionPrice
Performance Head DesignWe check dimensions and measure the volume of your stock head, design a new profile using our professional software and then machine the final design on a lathe or CNC mill depending on the type of head. The final design will have the correct squish clearance and compression ratio for your application and will offer dramatic improvements in performance, more stable jetting, reduced risk of detonation and improved fuel economy. We can usually tailor these designs to suit Bottom, Mid or Top power delivery. Some heads require welding to add extra material before machining. Price is for a single cylidner.$240 

$55 extra if welding reqd.

Budget Head Machining

(some KTM 200/250/300 EXC models only)

Usually it’s a big mistake to just cut the head without reshaping the combustion chamber but some KTM models can get away with this safely. By taking the right amount of material off we can correct the squish clearance and compression ratio in one hit. We are still confident that our Performance Head Designs are better overall but if you want a simple and cost effective head setup this will still work very well.$150



Suggested Extras:Machine cylinder base
V Force reed cage
Carb Oval Bore (adds mid/top)
SX Ignition (KTM EXC’s only)
Specialist Top end rebuild labour
Specialist Top and bottom rebuild labour
Dyno tuning/jetting
Piston kit, gaskets for top end rebuild
Crank bearings, seals, parts for bottom end
from $175
$300-$400 approx
$700-$800 approx
$150-$300 (eg 250cc usually ~$240)
$ ask for quote