High Performance Setups

Our High Performance setups offer the maximum performance we are able to provide while still maintaining good reliability.They are suitable for anyone racing at a high level in MX, SX or Enduro or for the rider who just wants to know theyve got the strongest engine possible.

We can tailor the power delivery to suit your needs, however in most cases we try to give the broadest power spread possible as that is usually the key to a fast engine on the track. These packages combine our Performance Head Design with our Advanced Porting plus any other extras you choose. These builds involve setting up the head to suit your needs, measuring and assessing the potential of the stock port layout, designing porting changes using professional software, modifying ports to match the new design, removing casting flaws, smoothing, shaping and modifying the intake, transfer and exhaust ducts, modifying the powervalve and matching the cylinder base to the cases. Results of this work can be MASSIVE and can totally transform an engine from bottom to top. We strongly suggest that these builds be combined with Dyno Tuning and other key extras such a V Force reed cage and carb mods and to ensure maximum performance from the setup.


MAX Performance Package ModsDescriptionPrice

Performance Head Design
Advanced Cylinder Porting
Powervalve strip, clean and rebuild
Machine Cyl Base (when needed)

Choice of power delivery. Offers more power everywhere, maximises the stock design potential, more stable jetting, reduced risk of detonation, better fuel economy. Really transforms most stock bikes. Keeps the basics of the original cylinder design. Does not include powervalve strip, clean and rebuild, labour to remove/refit parts or labour to measure current squish clearance.$660 – $750


Suggested Extras:V Force reed cage
Carb Oval Bore (adds mid/top)
SX Ignition (KTM EXC’s only)
Digital Programmable Ignition
Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coatings
Lectron Carburetor
Crank Balancing, Stroking or Long Rod conversion
Specialist Top end rebuild labour
Specialist Top and bottom rebuild labour
Dyno tuning/jetting
Piston kit, gaskets for top end rebuild
Crank bearings, seals, parts for bottom end
from $175
$390 (fitting and tuning extra)
$65 per part
$550 (fitting and tuning extra)
$300-$400 approx
$700-$800 approx
$150-$300 (eg 250cc usually ~$240)
$ ask for quote


KTM250SX Tom Ravenhorst2

Example of  results on a 2014 KTM 250SX…

Pink Line is the stock dyno run = 46.9 rwhp
Red line is the High Performance build with a custom ‘soft’ ignition curve = 50.8 rwhp
Green line is the High Performance build with a custom ‘hard’ ignition curve = 52.0 rwhp, thats 60hp at the crank!!


RM125 before and after

Example of results on a 2008+ RM125 set up for broad midrange (we were not chasing peak hp). This bike was set up for enduro racing and it pulls SO hard out of corners.

Pink line is stock dyno run = 34.5 rwhp
Blue line is the High Performance build using the stock exhaust system, stock CDI, stock carb = 35.1 rwhp and WAY more midrange