Honda CR500 (89-01) DEP Expansion Chamber Werx DEPH2508


Honda CR500 (89-01) DEP Expansion Chamber Werx DEPH2508


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DEP 2 stroke pipes are produced from high quality CR1 grade, mild steel material. Ranging from 0.9-1.2mm, depending on the model and purpose. The 2 stroke stampings are produced through our own deep drawer process, using CNC cylinder mounts, in-house laser cut mounting brackets and fabricated with high quality TIG and MIG welding. All models are available in the bare metal factory finish and nickel finish. Our 2 stroke pipes have been designed to improve performance over the OE pipe with in-house DYNO and track testing.

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Model List

Make Model Year
Honda CR500 1990
Honda CR500 1991
Honda CR500 1992
Honda CR500 1993
Honda CR500 1994
Honda CR500 1995
Honda CR500 1996
Honda CR500 1997
Honda CR500 1998
Honda CR500 1999
Honda CR500 2000
Honda CR500 2001
Honda CR500 1989

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