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KTM150SX/XC-W and Husky TC150 2016-2018 Cylinder Head Insert


KTM150SX/XC-W and Husky TC150 2016-2018 Cylinder Head Insert



You will receive one (1) cylinder head insert for your make/model.

This CNC machined TSP head insert suits KTM150SX/XC-W and Husky TC150 2016-2018 models and fits into the stock cylinder head outer part. It features an improved combustion chamber design that gives more performance from bottom to top as well as reduced risk of detonation. Although it signs off slightly earlier in the overrev it will be easier on hill climbs, easier to lift the front and faster corner to corner due to the increased torque up to 12,000rpm. In order to get back the lost overrev we suggest also fitting the Athena GET CDI with our custom TSP curve… see HERE

The head insert is designed to work with the stock base gasket thickness and gives a big boost to power throughout the rev range. It has been designed and tested to work with 98 RON fuel and will also suit higher octane FIM spec fuels. 

All TSP mods are designed and dyno tested in-house at TSP so you can be sure you’re getting reliable performance for local conditions.

Check out our listings for POWER KITS which also include an Athena GET ignition for even more power everywhere.

We also offer full engine builds which make world class power levels.


Dyno graph shows actual results on a 150.


Additional information

Cylinder Height

Standard Cylinder Height, TSP Spec Cylinder Height (includes required base gaskets)


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Model List

HusqvarnaTC 1502018
HusqvarnaTC 1502017