KTM85SX and Husky TC85 2013-2017 Top End Rebuild Kit – TSP


KTM85SX and Husky TC85 2013-2017 Top End Rebuild Kit – TSP


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This TSP top end rebuild kit will suit KTM85SX and Husky TC85 models from 2003-2017. Image shows the actual parts you will receive.

It includes:

  • Piston kit in the size of your choice (A or B). Piston kit includes rings, pin, circlips and a high quality cast piston with anti-friction coating. These pistons are made in Italy and are THE BEST available.
  • Top end gasket kit. Made in Italy and packed especially for TSP. Includes a selection of base gaskets, powervalve cover gaskets and O rings… all O rings are the correct size and made from the correct material, unlike the cheaper aftermarket kits.
  • Little end bearing. Made in Japan.

TSP Select rebuild kits are put together by TSP using parts sourced direct from OEM manufacturers in Japan and Europe. The parts we select are THE BEST available for each make/model and many are the exact same parts as the genuine items. All TSP Select rebuild kits are kept in stock at TSP.

Piston sizing: ideally you should measure your bore with a dial gauge to work out the correct piston sizing. If you cannot do this then a rough rule of thumb is use an A size under 60 hours of engine run time and use a B size over 60 hours of engine run time. Its ALWAYS better to have a bit too much clearance than not enough, so if in doubt use an A size.

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Model List

Make Model Year
Husqvarna TC 85 2017
Husqvarna TC 85 2016
Husqvarna TC 85 2015
Husqvarna TC 85 2014
KTM KTM85SX 2007
KTM KTM85SX 2006
KTM KTM85SX 2005
KTM KTM85SX 2004
KTM KTM85SX 2003
KTM KTM85SX 2017
KTM KTM85SX 2016
KTM KTM85SX 2015
KTM KTM85SX 2014
KTM KTM85SX 2013
KTM KTM85SX 2012
KTM KTM85SX 2011
KTM KTM85SX 2010
KTM KTM85SX 2009
KTM KTM85SX 2008

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