PRO KTM65SX 2009-2018 build – FULL ENGINE BUILD


PRO KTM65SX 2009-2018 build – FULL ENGINE BUILD


This is a high performance engine build for KTM65. Suits 2009-2018 models.

PRO engine builds are suited to experienced riders wanting maximum power without sacrificing reliability.

Labour for full strip down and rebuild of your engine, head setup, advanced porting, carb bore, case mods, new HGS expansion chamber (worth $340), new HPI or Athena GET programmable ECU (worth $549), dyno tuning (including programming ECU), dyno printout of power output.

Price does not include engine parts. These will be determined by engine condition. Brand new engine will only need gaskets (approx. $100), used engine may require gaskets, seals, main bearings, piston kit, crank rebuild (approx. $650 all up).

Send us
– your complete 65 engine with clutch lever and hose attached
– your complete carb with throttle cable and throttle tube attached
– your rubber air boot and air filter
– your current CDI, wiring loom and ignition coil
– your current stock silencer

YES it requires you to do a full strip down of the bike but that’s what it takes to build an engine this good!

You can bring in the whole bike and we will remove/refit the engine for you for approx. $200.

Please schedule your job HERE using our online booking page. Payment is taken when the job is completed. 


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