STOCK CR/KX/RM/YZ 250cc 2000-2018 engine rebuild


STOCK CR/KX/RM/YZ 250cc 2000-2018 engine rebuild


This is a FULL engine rebuild for a Japanese 250cc MX engine…
Honda CR/ Kawasaki KX/ Suzuki RM/ Yamaha YZ from 2000-2018. Contact us to book rebuilds on earlier engines.

We have grouped these engines together in this booking as they are all very similar to rebuild and cost roughly the same.

We will rebuild your engine in stock form (no mods) using the highest quality parts.

Price is an estimate only and includes labour and all normal rebuild parts ( gaskets, seals, main bearings, piston kit, crank rebuild)

You will be notified of any extra parts required once the engine is stripped. Extras may include clutch components, transmission components, cylinder replating, etc.

Payment is taken when the job is completed.

Send us
– your complete engine

We can also remove/refit your engine from the frame for approx. $250 (labour, coolant, gearbox oil, etc).


Please schedule your job HERE using our online booking page. Payment is taken when the job is completed. 


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Model List

Make Model Year
Honda CR250 2007
Honda CR250 2006
Honda CR250 2005
Honda CR250 2004
Honda CR250 2003
Honda CR250 2002
Honda CR250 2001
Honda CR250 2000
Kawasaki KX250 2006
Kawasaki KX250 2005
Kawasaki KX250 2004
Kawasaki KX250 2003
Kawasaki KX250 2002
Kawasaki KX250 2001
Kawasaki KX250 2000
Kawasaki KX250 2008
Kawasaki KX250 2007
Suzuki RM250 2012
Suzuki RM250 2011
Suzuki RM250 2010
Suzuki RM250 2009
Suzuki RM250 2008
Suzuki RM250 2007
Suzuki RM250 2006
Suzuki RM250 2005
Suzuki RM250 2004
Suzuki RM250 2003
Suzuki RM250 2002
Suzuki RM250 2001
Suzuki RM250 2000
Yamaha YZ250 2008
Yamaha YZ250 2000
Yamaha YZ250 2009
Yamaha YZ250 2010
Yamaha YZ250 2011
Yamaha YZ250 2012
Yamaha YZ250 2013
Yamaha YZ250 2014
Yamaha YZ250 2015
Yamaha YZ250 2016
Yamaha YZ250 2017
Yamaha YZ250 2006
Yamaha YZ250 2018
Yamaha YZ250 2005
Yamaha YZ250X 2014
Yamaha YZ250 2004
Yamaha YZ250X 2015
Yamaha YZ250 2003
Yamaha YZ250X 2016
Yamaha YZ250 2002
Yamaha YZ250X 2017
Yamaha YZ250 2007
Yamaha YZ250 2001
Yamaha YZ250X 2018

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