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TPI Power Kit – suits 2020 KTM 150TPI and Husky TE150i


TPI Power Kit – suits 2020 KTM 150TPI and Husky TE150i


This package will transform the power delivery of your TPI… it includes the following:

  • a new  TSP CNC machined cylinder head insert… This design is higher comp than stock but still suits normal 98RON pump fuel (same as 92-93 fuel in the USA)
  • reflashing of your STOCK ECU with improved fuel and ignition maps developed by TSP…We modify both Map 1 and Map 2, with a much more noticeable difference between the maps compared to the stock maps. We also add an oil priming sequence so that the engine is injected with extra oil every time it is started.
  • 50mm bolt and spring necessary to do the ‘idle screw mod’. Not always necessary to install but we supply it just in case.

Our 150TPI kit increases power throughout the rev range, making approximately 2hp more up top and 5+hp more through the midrange making it a weapon offroad.


In order to change the stock ECU data we have spent hundreds of hours developing our own process for accessing, changing and reloading the ECU data. This is not a service you will find anywhere else for the TPI models!

The stock ECU will still connect to the KTM/Husky diagnostic tool and the dealer can still perform all normal service tasks… in fact, they wont be aware that the ignition and fuel data has been modified. All other ECU features work normally, including oil injection, fan and warning lights. There are no issues with hard starting and no need to tune via apps or software… just install and ride!

We provide an idle setting bolt that can be installed if you feel the need to change the idle speed or air screw setting after fitting the kit, however the vast majority of bikes will run fine without it.

This kit has been developed to work with the stock exhaust and almost makes aftermarket exhaust systems obsolete for the TPI… the head and ECU give a WAY bigger gain in performance than any aftermarket exhaust can offer, and theres no trade off by taking power from one area to improve power in another, as usually happens with pipes.

We supply fitting instruction plus recommended settings for the air screw and powervalve preload.

This is the ONLY complete solution currently for sale on the market that addresses all the necessary TPI issues… head, ignition and fuel. It is also the MOST COST EFFECTIVE solution by far. All other solutions are either more expensive or only tackle part of the problem. In order to address all the necessary issues using other parts you would need a programmable ECU, an aftermarket head, a new plug and an idle screw… buying all these separately adds up to roughly twice the cost of our package!



Option 1: (order and pay up front)

  • Purchase the TPI Power Kit by placing an online order, select your desired combustion chamber and payment method
  • Send us your stock ECU with a copy of the order confirmation you receive via email
  • Once we receive your ECU we will reflash it and return it with the head, plug and idle bolt.

Option 2: (pay when your ECU is ready to send back)

  • Print out a work order form from the website
  • Fill in all your details and send it to us along with your stock ECU
  • Once we receive your ECU and order form we will reflash the ECU and process your payment
  • After receiving payment we will return your ECU with the head, plug and idle bolt.


International orders:

You can place your order via either Option 1 or Option 2 above.

When you are ready to ship your ECU to us its a good idea to send an email to admin@twostrokeperformance.com.au to let us know its on its way.

Read our Shipping page HERE to find out more about return shipping times and prices.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Compression Ratio

Medium Compression

Model List

Husqvarna250i 2019
KTM250TPI 2019