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Trail Setups


Our Trail setups are simple, cost effective setups that maximise bottom end and midrange power and cater to the budget conscious rider. Aside from providing the same great benefits of a properly setup head we also machine the cylinder base to add extra bottom end grunt. This simple mod shifts the whole powercurve lower in the rpm range and makes the bike easier to ride in a range of conditions. This is a great mod to do if you are racing an MX bike offroad and need a broader spread of power but want to keep costs to a minimum. Some bikes that particularly benefit from the extra bottom end this mod gives are 05+ CR250’s and TM250/300’s, although it can be done to almost any bike to give more bottom end pull.


Trail Package ModsBenefitsPrice

Setup Head
Machine Cyl Base

Much better bottom end and midrange, many bikes retain same or similar top end. Proper head design makes jetting much easier, significantly reduces risk of detonation and can improve fuel economy. Does not include powervalve strip, clean and rebuild.$350


Suggested Extras:Powervalve strip, clean and rebuild
Carb Oval Bore (adds mid/top)
Specialist top end rebuild labour
Specialist top and bottom rebuild labour
Dyno tuning/jetting
$90 (plus parts)
$300-$400 approx
$600-$800 approx


TSP single track