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TSP and Eric Gorr team up to bring big bore kits to Australia!

TSP and Eric Gorr’s Forward Motion are teaming up to bring the complete range of Forward Motion big bore kits to Australia. Using freshly bored/ported/plated Forward Motion cylinders combined with TSP’s high performance head designs suited specifically to Australian conditions we will be offering the Australian market an opportunity to upgrade their bike to a big bore kit for unbeatable prices.

Each kit will be supplied complete with a piston kit and top end gasket set so installation will be a breeze. We will also be stocking a range of pistons and gasket kits to suit most popular models so new and existing Forward Motion customers will finally have a local contact for advice, installation and spare parts.

Please see our Big Bore section in the Shop to see what we offer for your bike. Of course we will still be offering our own custom engine setups to those customers who want something a little different or need that extra edge over the competition.

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